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Medina Seto Law Group is a plaintiffs’ law firm based in San Francisco and serving clients throughout California representing plaintiffs in personal injury, wrongful death, commercial litigation, insurance bad faith and environmental tort lawsuits. 

A core foundation of Medina Seto Law Group is its proven dedication to each and every one of its clients.  We serve as general counsel for many businesses throughout the Bay Area.

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

Suffering a devastating personal injury can be overwhelming, and often has unforeseen, permanent and potentially catastrophic effects on one’s life, including their physical capabilities, emotional well-being and financial security.  Medina Seto Law Group understands the profound consequences that a personal injury can have on a victim’s daily activities and abilities as well as their long-term future prospects.  We are dedicated to ensuring that victims who have suffered injuries are compensated financially and given the resources to ensure that they recover both physically and mentally.

Being involved in an accident can happen during numerous unexpected scenarios.  We are experienced in representing victims who have suffered injury due to a variety of circumstances, such as those that are caused by a motor vehicle accident, bike accident, construction accident, product defects/manufacturing flaws, a property owner’s negligence (premises liability) and accidents that occur due to a dangerous condition on public property.   We also represent those who have suffered the unspeakable loss of a loved one from such accidents.   

We understand that most victims of personal injuries and wrongful death cannot afford to pay an attorney by the hour. That is why we offer representation on a contingency basis; we take the risks and are compensated only when we secure a financial award on your behalf.
— Medina Seto Law Group

Further, we have years of experience in the insurance industry, on both the defense and plaintiffs’ sides, and we use that experience to our clients’ advantage.  We know that insurance companies pay armies of attorneys by the hour to create delays and legal obstacles to hinder victims’ abilities to receive full compensation for their injuries and losses.  We also know that many victims of personal injuries and wrongful death cannot afford to pay an attorney by the hour.  That is why we offer representation on a contingency fee basis; in such cases, we take the risk and are only compensated if we secure a financial recovery on our clients’ behalf.    

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