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Medina Seto Law Group is a plaintiffs’ law firm based in San Francisco and serving clients throughout California representing plaintiffs in personal injury, wrongful death, commercial litigation, insurance bad faith and environmental tort lawsuits. 

A core foundation of Medina Seto Law Group is its proven dedication to each and every one of its clients.  We serve as general counsel for many businesses throughout the Bay Area.

General Counsel for Businesses

Medina Seto Law Group is honored to be general counsel for several companies and organizations, ranging from a San Francisco farmers-owned-and-operated farmers’ market, to a nonprofit organization, to one of the largest steel manufacturers and contractors in California.  We are also proud to include as clients several businesses in the Chinese-American community of the Bay Area.   

We are consistently impressed by the Medina Seto team, their intelligence, tenacity and dedication. We have total trust in them, and they have gotten us great results.
— President, J.C. Metal Specialists, Inc.

While we diligently prosecute claims on behalf of our business clients, perhaps more importantly we also seek to provide our best judgment and learned legal guidance on how to avoid costly litigation and minimize the risks of doing business.  With businesses under the seemingly constant threat of litigation, our business clients have found that retaining Medina Seto Law Group as general counsel is less costly than retaining an attorney only once a problem or lawsuit arises.  In other words, our business clients value proactive legal strategies over reactive decisions.  We assist with implementing strategic goals from a legal perspective and identifying issues or practices that could harm the company or expose it to litigation, while keeping in mind the business implications of any proposed legal action or inaction. 

Ms. Seto is always available to us. She listens to us carefully, explains all of the issues involved, their complexities and our options. She helps us make the right decisions for our organization.
— Executive Director, Heart of the City Farmers Market

As general counsel, services that we provide our valued business clients include contract drafting and analysis, advising on real estate matters such as lease review, risk management, advising of the potential legal ramifications of business decisions, marketing and sales advice, litigation management and various employment issues including employee termination, drafting of employee handbooks and implementing workplace policies.  Ultimately, Medina Seto Law Group strives to provide our clients peace of mind to pursue their business goals with the knowledge that we have minimized their legal risks to the extent possible.

Rowena’s proficiency in Cantonese allows us to fully understand the issues and actions available to us, leveling the playing field despite cultural and linguistic barriers.
— Bay Area Business Owner

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